Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OURBLOOK is a journalism resource center focused on two specific goals.  It was started 2 years ago and focuses on providing services for students, professors and professionals. 
-The first aspect of is geared towards aspiring journalists.  It is created by journalism students specifically for other journalism students.  The resource center is run by four college students who are responsible for the design, concept and interviews.  The idea of the center is to highlight journalism students who are making a name for themselves as well as overcoming obstacles that are taking place in their professional lives.  

-The second aspect of our is geared towards people in the industry and professors. showcases interviews with people who are well-known journalists, such as a video interview conducted with   It also includes a list of publications.  It is an easy way for professionals to share information with other professionals, as well as peers. 

Key Mission:  They key mission at the earliest stages of the website was to create an authoritative source online that provides examples of how technology could be shared online.  However, the key mission now focuses on providing journalism and communication to professionals, professors and students as well as providing a center where conversation flows between these three groups of people about the industry and changes that are occurring. 

With students are given the ability to acquire the tools and skills they need to be successful after graduation.  Sandra mentioned that is helping the industry in the long run by preparing current journalism students for the future. 

The way in which they decide which companies or colleges to help is based on whether or not it is a good fit, what their needs are, and if can fulfill their needs. 

One of the most important aspects of is deciding how to create an effective campaign through social media sites.  How can they provide interesting campaigns through twitter or facebook that will catch the attention of college students.  How will they reach their target audience? is a very interesting and innovative way for people interested and involved in journalism to connect and further their knowledge.  

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