Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Helpful PR Terms

The second day of media programming, our professor gave us some terms that we all need to know.  I had heard about some of the terms, such as Twitter; however, I had never heard of hashtag, twitter party, or a blook.  

Twitter-twitter is a social networking & microblogging site that is accessible to anyone and everyone.  I joined the twitter world last year and have to admit I was skeptical at first, but it has proved itself to be a good way to communicate with old friends, find out what's going on in the news, celebrity gossip (my vice!) and what your friends are up to.  Twitter has become an important outlet for PR firms, as well as countless other businesses hoping to get their name and information into the cyber world. 

Hashtag-a hash tag is the # sign placed before a topic.  For example, lots of users on twitter post topics they are interested in or a funny thing that happened to them that day.  By placing a number sign before it, it becomes a trending topic.  It is also a way to track trending topics.  Sadly, one of the most popular trending topics on twitter these days is Justin Bieber. 

Twitter Party-a twitter party is a fast and fun virtual party.  They usually take place during the evening for 1-2 hours.  It is a way for people to connect in a group online.  

Blook-a blook is a combination of a book and a blog.  Ourblook is an example of this new phenomenon.  Ourblook is an innovative way to reach out to journalism students, professors, and professionals in the PR/Journalism world.  It provides its users with useful information, as well as showcase fellow journalists work.  It is a community of journalists. 

Google Box-a google box is another way for a group of people to communicate through the internet.  To access a google box everyone uses the same e-mail and password to log on.  Once logged on, everyone can communicate with each other, search, research topics, and still be "together."  

Public Relations-PR is the process of creating an understanding for, or goodwill towards, a company, person or a product.  Some characteristics of PR: the importance of people, trust, respect of employees, problem-solving, implementing progressive policies, and initiatives. PR is focused mainly on the company for which they are working for and the company in which is their client.  It is uncontrolled.  PR firms are known to have strong relationships within their firms as well as with other companies in the industry.  Public Relations is other focused on building strong bond with the community so that they can give back frequently.  

Race Model-
A-action planning

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