Sunday, October 10, 2010

My GLAMOROUS work place!

So at work the other day I decided it was time to take pictures and spice up my blog.  Not that my workspace is all that glamorous or exciting, but it's my first real "office" so I take pride in it!  It's nice to have two other interns with me in the conference room in case I have questions or just need a quick break to talk.  My internship is at University Development office and I LOVE it!  My current assignment is to create the 2010 Baylor Christmas Card.  Hope you enjoy my office pics!

This is my temporary desk.  Son, one of the guys who works there with me, is taking a couple weeks off because he's in Chamber and is in charge of lots of stuff going on with Homecoming so I'm using his workspace for the time being.  Usually I bring my laptop to work because the ones UD provides don't really work that well. 

There are three stages a folder goes through: In Design, In Editing, and Final Cut.

Whenever a new job comes in for me to work on my responsibilities are to make the changes the full-time staffers and writers have made, put the updated version with the original file, classify them as complete and drop them off at Eloisa's office. 

My usual workspace.

A fun treat! Dr. Pepper brownies..YUM!

Now you've seen a little bit of what I do every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  My tasks vary from day to day including: editing and updating 1st call to prayer requests, office tasks, creating and designing logos, and working with CMS.  It's challenging but fun and rewarding.

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