Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Group work

Here is todays question: Are we too old to tattle tale?

I don't think so.  Not when it comes to your future.

I'm graduating in December and each day leading up to then I have worried and will continue to worry and stress out about passing my classes, getting good grades, finishing my homework and making sure I've got everything in order before the big day comes.  So when someone puts that in jeopardy, it's a little frustrating.  So no, I don't think college students are too old to tell on someone else. 

Working in a group is never a breeze but honestly, how do you handle a hard to work with partner? Do you tell them like it is? Do you give them attitude because you've done the majority of the work and they haven't done jack?  How do you deal with people who aren't willing to contribute to the group and be a team player?  Well, I'm no expert on the subject but after many group projects over the past 4 years have given me a little experience and insight on the subject.  

1. Don't beat around the bush.  If they aren't helping and you're the one doing all the work-confront them in a nice and mature fashion and ask them if they would chip in by doing this, this and this. 
2. Stay on top of things.  Call or text them if you haven't heard how their part of the project is going.  After all, you're getting a grade on it too and want it to be the best it can be. 
3. Offer to help. 
4. If all else fails, talk to someone higher up than you, like a teacher or your boss. 

All of this got me thinking-this isn't an issue that stops after college.  Business professionals undoubtedly face problems like this in the corporate world.  There's a hard-headed co-worker, a lazy co-worker, a "do it all myself" co-worker.  Any industry has problems like these, including the PR world.  Working in groups can be challenging, but as along as you keep calm, keep on top of things and speak your mind you will be able to overcome the difficulties of a group dynamic. 

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