Monday, November 8, 2010


There are countless ways for people to learn the basics of PR.  There are online classes, college courses and books written about the ins and outs of PR strategies.  YouTube has become one of the most popular outlets for learning about the industry, with both funny and educational videos, YouTube has joined the rest in efforts to school the world about PR.

To start off this string of blogs about YouTube and PR I thought I'd include some videos that explain what PR is by working professionals and experts in the industry.  As I go on throughout the semester I intend to upload some videos that were used to promote items, companies and people but let's start at the beginning.  What is PR?

Public Relations 101

Just because I like to hear what the average, everyday kind of person says about topics, I included this "man on the street" interview in which the reporter asks random people what they think PR is.  It's crazy how little people know about something we've been learning and have become so educated in the past four years.

Man on the Street

First of all, we all know PR is not just about working with celebs and clearing the break up rumors.  However, there are lots of people out there who don't know enough about the industry that they believe that's all we've learned to do. This video is a spoof on PR, showcasing two celebs represented by a PR company that's trying to get the word out there that they're dating.  It's clever and entertaining, but it shows the side of PR that us college students and professors don't like to be pegged as.

Spoof on Public Relations

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